The Importance of Sharing.

The Fruit of LifeMeandering down life's path I have noticed that virtually all spiritual teachings on abundance and prosperity encourage sharing. It doesn't matter how much you have now, the road to prosperity is to share what you do have. It isn't necessary to enter a commune to pool all of your worldly goods, or even to split 50/50. But a central theme is that if you act and think poor or impoverished, then you will be poor and impoverished. If you share willingly, through an open heart, your generosity will be rewarded. In many modern spiritual teachings, it is interesting to note that the concept of Intent is involved here. If you give expecting a quid pro quo, you will likely be disappointed. If you give in thankfulness and sharing, you will be rewarded many times over, though not necessarily in the same manner of your gift

Conscious Giving.

Sharing willingly through an open heart implies being Fully Present in the moment while you are making that gift being involved in your giving. Automatic payroll deductions make giving easy, but distance the giver from the psychological benefits of giving. Giving with an open heart implies being present in the moment when you are making your gift, contemplating the purpose of the gift, and the benefit to be derived by the recipient. Automatic payroll deductions often becomes a once-a-year opportunity which may distance the donor from the gift. Ironically, programs which make it easier to give will often insulate the giver from the deeper, more spiritual aspects and benefits of the gift.

Yea! I've just won the lottery!

The news stories are full of examples of people who win large sums of money, and end up regretting ever winning. Those stories seem to have one thing in common...the winners concentrated on spending the money on themselves. Have you ever bought something you wanted for a long time, only to feel a short time later that it didn't really make you feel better? That happens because the Ego is involved.ii If you receive a windfall, Imagine how many people you can help, and how good it would feel, to invest at least as much in charitable acts and charitable giving as you plan on spending for yourself.

Maximizing the effect

One strategy for maximizing the effect you can have is leveraging. Leveraging is using a small amount of money to influence larger amounts. One way to do that is by matched donations. Some employers will match donations made by employees to local charities but you don't have to be an employer to match donations. Contact a local charity you would like to help, and offer to match donations made in the next fund drive. This is often done for public radio or public TV fund raising, where a local business will offer to match any funds raised in a certain time period. This encourages donors to feel like their money will go twice as far, because the recipient receives twice what you donate.

Specific Project

Find out what one big project could be done with a specific amount of money, and fund that project, or offer to match funds raised for that project. Charities often have great ideas for projects or services, but lack the one time funding needed to get it moving. A one time donation to build a guest house at a local hospital, for use by families of out of town patients, can affect many peoples lives. It is a gift that pays dividends every time someone is able to stay near a loved one in the hospital, for many years to come.

Seed Money

Sometimes it just takes a little money to get things started.  In Leyland, Mississippi, one donor purchased a tract of land and donated it to a local Habitat for Humanity chapter. By building houses on the lots, and selling those houses (at cost) to program participants, the local Habitat chapter is funding additional building.  So the affect of the original donation is growing.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this website is to encourage sharing prosperity and good fortunes in a way that matters to you.